Techno Chic

Fashion is not just for your clothes anymore. Ever since Lady Gaga stepped on the scene she has brought with her a new fashion perspective. One of her daring fashion escapades she saw fit to partake in is the design of headphones as first featured in her bad romance video. These “Heartbeats” consist of a triangle-shaped earpiece with little metallic triangles displaying in the front. Little hearts lovingly encircle the L and R indicating where to place the earbuds. No need for earrings anymore. These earbuds serve as fashion jewelry on their own. While the headphones are a little tricky to put in your ear and sometimes fall out, the sound is incredible. A melodic symphony will fill your ears while the harsh sounds of the environment are blocked. Gaga’s most recent headphones go by the name of Monster Cable Heartbeats 2.0. While these headphones are stunning as well I am still in love with the original heartbeats. It can also be said that Apple and other technological devices have become a rising fashion accessory for fashionistas around the world. Wouldn’t you agree?