Modest is Hottest

Society’s concept of classy has, no doubt, been modified over the years. These days, flashing 2/3 of your breasts is viewed as classy or in better terms “sexy”. Pop culture has deceived people, especially young girls, into thinking that dressing half nude is the norm. Pop culture images invoke a sense of empowerment, confidence, and “sexiness”. Why do we succumb to Hollywood’s portrayal of “sexy” which only encourages sexual objectification and degradation of women? When I think of classy, I envision Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Elizabeth Taylor to name a few. These women were fashionable, intelligent, and did not believe they had to flaunt their goodies. I believe women today can also be fashionable without feeling the need to flaunt every inch of their body. There are modest ways to accentuate your favorite feature without spilling over. If you wish to focus on your breasts, wear an empire top with a wide belt. Sporting a great pair of heels and skirt (Remember girls. If it rides above your fingertips it’s probably too short. This is a rule I use myself. High school has something to teach after all) is a great way to flaunt your legs as opposed to Daisy Duke booty shorts. Please spare us the sight of your butt crack. I hope more young women and adult women alike will realize that they don’t have to dumb themselves down to a mere sex tool to be considered beautiful and sexy. Intelligence and class speaks louder than your low-cut halter top. Classy women flaunt their features without exposing too much skin. Modest is hottest. Slutty is cruddy.

Why Can’t Short Girls Model?

All of us short girls who have had dreams of becoming a glorified runway model have heard the phrase “You CAN’T. You’re far too short” at least once in their life. Has anyone ever questioned why only women of stature are considered for the runway? Is this a form of bias? Are designers too lazy to customize their creations to actually fit the model’s body? Most importantly, How is the everyday woman to know what the clothes will look like on her specific body type? 95% of the world does not fit into the cookie cutter supermodel mold. Clothing creations and styles don’t only look fashionable on tall, skinny bean poles. Whatever happened to the Renaissance mentality that voluptuous women are the epitome of beauty? So what is the reason short girls can’t model? Perhaps we may never know as designers continue to state a sea of excuses as to why tall is the superior preference. Perhaps one day modern fashion standards will change. It is interesting to note that those who hold this biased view look nothing like the body image presented. Women are not a one package deal. Real women come in all shapes and sizes that need to be celebrated. The curves of women are beautiful while a mannequin dulls in comparison. Humans were not meant to look emaciated and frail. Viva la curves!