Let Your Colors Burst

Well, I have currently accepted a position at That’s So New York to write short feature articles on celebrity looks and women’s fashion. Unfortunately, my first article was already done on the site so, therefore, I must conjure up a new article. In the meantime, I’ll feature my article on this site.

Katy Perry took a break from her banana rompers and carousel dresses opting for a mature purple and white Betsy Johnson frock at the 2011 People’s Choice Awards. And what tulle dress could be without complementary blue neon lights and Casadei pink peeptoe pumps. The neon lights speak Katy without taking away from the sophistication of the frock and the pink peeptoes add a spunk and flirtatious essence to her look. Her dress is elegant and sophisticated sprinkled with a touch of Katy herself. I always love a bit of innovation when it comes to an outfit. Katy takes the prom out of prom dress and transforms the fluffy gown into sexy siren look minus the frou frou. One feels like their embarking on a trip into the mad unconscious.

Looks like retro looks are not a dying trend after all. Katy spares no modesty as she flaunts her curvy figure adding a turquoise waistband to accentuate her waist. Her pink peeptoes give Katy an iconic, Betty Boop vibe combining cute with sexy. Katy is no stranger to the eccentric as she dazzles us with her cute yet crazy fashion designs. What I love most about this outfit is the diverse color palette which Katy utilizes to make this outfit dazzling and stand out. The tulle and bright colors are perfect for spring as it achieves a light and airy feel. The neon lights take her look to a whole new level as she takes the mundane and transforms it into the extraordinary. This California Gurl knows how to turn up the heat and melt our Popsicles. She is truly on her way to becoming a cherished style icon. A little bit of cute and a whole lot of spunk goes a long way.




Slaves to Fashion

Each year there is a new style, a new trend, a new fad that fashion society throws our way. Magazines promote them, claiming we will be incomplete without it being an addition to our massive wardrobes. Will we really be as incomplete as they say? Individuals should not be compelled to splurge on trends and fads just because a certain celebrity or magazine endorses it. Society has become a slave to how we look, dress and appear. So much so that clothing has become a distinguishing factor between social classes, the wealthy and the working class. We intently focus on labels and designer brands, shunning those who do not fit inside the exclusive circle. Individuals have become impulsive, selfish, and greedy as they feed their obsession with keeping up with the Jones. Why do we fret and obsess so much about what name is on the clothing label? Society fails to realize that we have become slaves to what label is displayed on our purses, the signature on our shoes and sunglasses. Individuals can still be stylish and look presentable without spending extravagant amounts of money to buy “top quality” brands. Just because it is expensive, does not mean it’s well crafted. In order to promote individuality, we need to cease living under a label. Labels are a type of bondage which many choose to live under. Judge people on their personality, not their designer duds.