Truth Collection

While checking my Twitter accounts, I stumbled upon a message asking if I would share this with my readers and share I shall.

The Truth Collection, as described on the project site, is an international, casual brand “going beyond trends” while immersed in art, culture and couture. It’s aim is to take wardrobes from drab to fab with their “modern edge” and “art-inspired” graphics. How did this collection come about you say? Well, according to the story, the designer (the beautiful Kamii Nettles), much like most women, believed in a world a fairy tales where all endings are happy and that our princes will come. Unfortunately the prince turned out to be a toad and the way she coped with the breakup was through art and fashion.

What will you be supporting? The Truth Collection designers are now in the process of designing their very first cut and sew line and are in need of pledges to help with production costs. These production costs include things such as the purchase of fabric, production of garments, shipping, photoshoots, lookbook printing, line sheet printing, showroom rental and Primetime Emmy Awards Gifting Suites.

You can learn more about the project, read testimonials, and get a sneak peak into the collection by visiting the Truth Collection project page at By contributing to the project, new fashion heights will be reached and new fashion innovations can be discovered. The collection is breathtaking and worth pledging to the cause.