Oh Baby!

I have personally never watched Toddlers and Tiaras but from what I have seen in the news, they are becoming a highly controversial show. Fake boobs? Spray tans? Fake teeth? This sounds more like a porn show than a beauty pageant. I was horrified to see toddlers in hooker outfits and cone bras. It’s bad enough we have pedophiles and child molesters, but now we are only inflaming their lust even more by sexualizing children on tv. Children should not be robbed of their childhood, which will prove to be the most critical times leading up to their future. Mothers especially should be taken aback by their obsessive natures and question why they are pushing their daughters to be “tiny adults” at the tender age of 7. The mothers seem to have worst catfights than the children and this same trait will be passed onto the little girl and onto her daughter. It will produce a vicious cycle of vain, ill-mannered women. Are we teaching our children to be vain and conceited at an early age? I understand that many women wish to see their daughters married and have a better life, but in order to achieve this goal, beauty should not be the main objective. I can tell you from experience beauty only gets you so far and it usually doesn’t land you husband material. Girls should be brought up to be smart, intelligent sophisticated women who do not rely on beauty to manipulate and connive their way to the top. Creating children into sexualized beings is just as bad as prostitution if not pornography. Society says it abhors child pornography yet they allow shows such as Toddlers and Tiaras to remain on the air which shows young children in sexualized costumes, dirty dance performances and makeup/prop stints that adult women take part in. You begin to think you’re watching an episode of Jersey Shore: Kid’s Edition. It is an outrage how far our shallow society has misconstrued the true meaning of beauty. Now women view beauty in the form of Miss America or supermodels who have so many issues themselves we might as well watch a soap opera. I am not against beauty pageants and believe it can bring out a women’s confidence and strength (like in Miss Congeniality) however, kids should be kids and adults need to grow up.