Man of the Hour

I wouldn’t say it is my favorite show but out of sheer curiosity and boredom I decided to watch America’s Next Top Model. If you like high fashion drama this is the show for you. What struck me about the show, however, was one of the featured judges, noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker. For some unknown reason, whether as an amusing joke or otherwise, my mother has been receiving a Parenting magazine. In one of the issues an article was featured on Nigel Barker on what it meant to be beautiful. Even though Mr. Barker works with the glitz and glamorous everyday, this is not what he deems beautiful. So who does he think the most gorgeous women in the world is? No, not Angelina Jolie. Megan Fox? Try again! His wife Cristen. Why? “How wonderfully nurturing she is. If asked ‘Who is the most beautiful woman you know?’ most people will name someone who truly cares about them.” Though magazines present impossible beauty in front of our eyes everyday there is one thing we girls need to know about these “flawless” photos. According to Nigel Barker “All of those photos are heavily retouched—you don’t get a sense of who the model is, let alone what she really looks like.” In his new book Beauty Equation he redefines what it means to be beautiful when he states “Everyone is beautiful if they have passion, charm, and sincerity.” His new book was inspired by his own five-year-old son Jack who asked “What is Beauty?”. As Nigel began compiling a list of traits he believed to embody the spirit of beauty he came to realize that beauty had nothing to do with outward appearance. What should other women be admired for? “Admire another woman’s talent and┬áspontaneity, rather than her face, hair or body. Princess Diana was gorgeous, down-to-earth, and completely lovable. Let personality and authentic qualities be what inspires you.” Well said Mr. Barker. Nigel Barker has become one of my personal male heroes. I only hope to find a man like him in the future.

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