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Here is a new and improved article that I did for another fashion site pertaining to Lady G’s Monster headphones.

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If there is one thing I have learned over the years it’s that fashion extends beyond just clothes and accessories.

It has taken over the technological world as well. One could say apple has become a style icon for fashionistas around the world.

Ever since Lady Gaga stepped onto the Hollywood scene, she has constantly altered our perspectives on fashion and art.

One of the ways she has broadened our view is by inventing her very own trademark headphones which go by the name of “Heartbeats”.

These headphones consist of a triangle-shaped earpiece with little metallic triangle pieces displaying in the front.

Little hearts lovingly encircle the “L” and “R” indicating where the earbud is to be placed. No longer are earrings the ultimate ear accessory.

These earphones serve as fashion jewelry on their own. Aside from being a fashion statement, they produce a vibrant sound which resonates in your ears while blocking out the outside environment. Fashion has just defined gravity and taken over a new world all their own.


Techno Chic

Fashion is not just for your clothes anymore. Ever since Lady Gaga stepped on the scene she has brought with her a new fashion perspective. One of her daring fashion escapades she saw fit to partake in is the design of headphones as first featured in her bad romance video. These “Heartbeats” consist of a triangle-shaped earpiece with little metallic triangles displaying in the front. Little hearts lovingly encircle the L and R indicating where to place the earbuds. No need for earrings anymore. These earbuds serve as fashion jewelry on their own. While the headphones are a little tricky to put in your ear and sometimes fall out, the sound is incredible. A melodic symphony will fill your ears while the harsh sounds of the environment are blocked. Gaga’s most recent headphones go by the name of Monster Cable Heartbeats 2.0. While these headphones are stunning as well I am still in love with the original heartbeats. It can also be said that Apple and other technological devices have become a rising fashion accessory for fashionistas around the world. Wouldn’t you agree?

Man of the Hour

I wouldn’t say it is my favorite show but out of sheer curiosity and boredom I decided to watch America’s Next Top Model. If you like high fashion drama this is the show for you. What struck me about the show, however, was one of the featured judges, noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker. For some unknown reason, whether as an amusing joke or otherwise, my mother has been receiving a Parenting magazine. In one of the issues an article was featured on Nigel Barker on what it meant to be beautiful. Even though Mr. Barker works with the glitz and glamorous everyday, this is not what he deems beautiful. So who does he think the most gorgeous women in the world is? No, not Angelina Jolie. Megan Fox? Try again! His wife Cristen. Why? “How wonderfully nurturing she is. If asked ‘Who is the most beautiful woman you know?’ most people will name someone who truly cares about them.” Though magazines present impossible beauty in front of our eyes everyday there is one thing we girls need to know about these “flawless” photos. According to Nigel Barker “All of those photos are heavily retouched—you don’t get a sense of who the model is, let alone what she really looks like.” In his new book Beauty Equation he redefines what it means to be beautiful when he states “Everyone is beautiful if they have passion, charm, and sincerity.” His new book was inspired by his own five-year-old son Jack who asked “What is Beauty?”. As Nigel began compiling a list of traits he believed to embody the spirit of beauty he came to realize that beauty had nothing to do with outward appearance. What should other women be admired for? “Admire another woman’s talent and spontaneity, rather than her face, hair or body. Princess Diana was gorgeous, down-to-earth, and completely lovable. Let personality and authentic qualities be what inspires you.” Well said Mr. Barker. Nigel Barker has become one of my personal male heroes. I only hope to find a man like him in the future.

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Don’t Question Me

I have often wondered how my fellow fashion bloggers afford to pay for their designer clothes. I also questioned from time to time how Carrie Bradshaw didn’t declare bankruptcy due to her outlandish shoe addiction. A professional model is actually paid to model clothes but a freelance blogger models clothes at their own expense. Where is the money coming from? How can a freelance blogger with no real profession afford a life of luxury? One spectator asked blogger Susie Bubble this very question [220 here, 220 there…how much money do you actually spend on clothes? and im not bung the story…oh they are an investment, like some sort of fashion archive … how do you make money to afford to buy things like this and travel like you do?] and this was her response:

“I’m not accountable to you and where my money come from is ACTUALLY none of your business…If you had asked in a slightly more polite tone, I would have GLADLY answered anyway so I’m doing so here perfunctorily…I used to have a full time job at Dazed and now I work freelance doing projects for brands that involve writing, commissioning and also styling as well… I also blog for other people too and ads also come into it once in a while… (depending on where you are in the world you may not see the ads?) I’m also incredibly lucky to be in a situation where I can get things on the cheap and I don’t shop as often as I did actually so in effect, I’m spending less money these days… I’m not someone to shirk away from talking about money but I do believe there’s a more TACTFUL way of going about it and at the end of the day, my bank account is my business…”

“Bloggers aren’t making the millions that people purport them to be via their blogs directly (i.e. selling adspace or advertorials…) but in fashion blogging, rather their skillsets or ‘trademark’ as a blogger are being used in projects that are external to the blog…like Garance Dore shooting campaign for Moschino etc…”

You got that right. Fashion bloggers don’t make millions, especially those of us who are just starting out such as myself. It seems that besides receiving endorsements from designers, many fashion bloggers are financially well off to begin with. Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes, for example, is being financed by her dad to continue a career in blogging. Those of us who do not have these advantages have to pay for outfits out of our own pocket. Is it wrong for viewers to ask where bloggers get the money to support their freelance career? To state exactly how much money you have is inappropriate information to share in any case but if a blogger is to remain relatable to the reader, I do not see the harm in being honest. Those who are defensive and refuse to dispense certain information (that is appropriate to share among the public) usually have something to hide. Questioning someone’s spending habits should not make one go into an angry frenzy. I question who can afford a $220 dollar dress in this economy besides celebrities. I will say I don’t have the funds to buy a $220 dollar dress and I won’t pretend to be something I’m not. I will have a budget and there will be times when I will not be able to buy clothes. I would rather display mass designer brands and affordable fashion then go into debt to wear a label. The label does not define me. I define my style.

P.S. I am not bashing any fashion bloggers who can afford expensive clothes. I admire you for delivering stunning looks and helping the rest of us gain fashion inspiration and insight. As for me, I am the cheap and chic version of these bloggers.

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Blood Diamonds

I recently came across the subject of blood diamonds when I was assigned a research paper inspired by a chapter in our textbook. I came across an advertisement much like the one above spurring blood diamond awareness. I found this little known dilemma intriguing and feel everyone should be aware of the blood diamond conflict.

The phrase “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” has become a popular motto for women everywhere who covet and desire Tiffany engagement rings and Cartier tennis bracelets. It is the gift every girl wishes to receive from their man, signifying their undying love and affection. But at what cost? The diamonds that have become renowned and adored in American society have fueled armed conflict and war on the African continent. Many never take the time to ponder where these “precious” jewels truly come from. Has American society disregarded the welfare of others in order to maintain a profitable business? The glitz and dazzle of diamonds has distracted society from the underlying fact that diamonds may not be that innocent.

Before diamonds ever hit the glass windows of trademark jewelers they are mined from large dirt pits located in Africa, mined by miners and passed along to international corporations, politicians, and rebel groups. Blood diamonds, also known as conflict diamonds, originate from certain locations which are under the command of special forces. These forces are against legitimate government, using the diamonds to support their military agendas. Organized crime, corrupt regimes and international terrorists organizations have found a way to sink their teeth in the diamond industry, helping to fund and encourage genocide, war, slavery and terrorism. Blood diamonds are usually produced by men, women and children who are forced into labor in a poor working environment. These diamonds are smuggled into the international diamond trade where they are brought and sold as authentic jewels. These diamonds serve as a main money resource for rebel forces that operate in terms of bribes, threats, torture and murder. Warlords are notorious for successfully utilizing diamonds as a valuable and portable asset used to fund civil wars.

Many consumers in the present day are ignorant when it comes to where their diamonds have come from and their legitimacy. According to a 2004 Amnesty International survey, it was reported that 83% of jewelers in the U.S. stated that their customers “rarely or never” questioned the source or validity of the diamonds themselves. Another study conducted more recently in 2007 found that 56% of jewelers lacked an auditing procedure set to prevent conflict diamonds from ever hitting the retail marketplace. Despite the Kimberly Process, a mandate requiring each nation involved in the diamond industry to certify that their exported diamonds were produced legitimately, diamonds from Zimbabwe are continually being certified despite the suffering of the populace. Diamonds that have given precedence to murder, forced labor, rape and political oppression, are still on the market in the disguise of “conflict-free” diamonds.

This is not to say that diamonds are evil and everyone should avoid them. However, society needs to take a step back and analyze the current predicament it may be causing. It needs to thoroughly investigate the source of its diamond consumption so society as a whole can send the message that forced labor will not be tolerated. It is an atrocity for children, women, and men to be coerced into labor through diabolical means such as rape and torture. So please. If you are thinking about purchasing diamonds or you have purchased them in the past, I suggest each customer should request proof of documentation stating that the diamonds which they have purchased were by no means involved with the atrocities at the hand of rebel militaristic groups. The diamonds you purchase today, could cost somebody’s life tomorrow. Don’t be selfish.

P.S. I also encourage those who have not viewed the movie Blood Diamond to watch it. It has Leonardo DiCaprio in it as a lead role as well for all you Leo fans out there.




Let Your Colors Burst

Well, I have currently accepted a position at That’s So New York to write short feature articles on celebrity looks and women’s fashion. Unfortunately, my first article was already done on the site so, therefore, I must conjure up a new article. In the meantime, I’ll feature my article on this site.

Katy Perry took a break from her banana rompers and carousel dresses opting for a mature purple and white Betsy Johnson frock at the 2011 People’s Choice Awards. And what tulle dress could be without complementary blue neon lights and Casadei pink peeptoe pumps. The neon lights speak Katy without taking away from the sophistication of the frock and the pink peeptoes add a spunk and flirtatious essence to her look. Her dress is elegant and sophisticated sprinkled with a touch of Katy herself. I always love a bit of innovation when it comes to an outfit. Katy takes the prom out of prom dress and transforms the fluffy gown into sexy siren look minus the frou frou. One feels like their embarking on a trip into the mad unconscious.

Looks like retro looks are not a dying trend after all. Katy spares no modesty as she flaunts her curvy figure adding a turquoise waistband to accentuate her waist. Her pink peeptoes give Katy an iconic, Betty Boop vibe combining cute with sexy. Katy is no stranger to the eccentric as she dazzles us with her cute yet crazy fashion designs. What I love most about this outfit is the diverse color palette which Katy utilizes to make this outfit dazzling and stand out. The tulle and bright colors are perfect for spring as it achieves a light and airy feel. The neon lights take her look to a whole new level as she takes the mundane and transforms it into the extraordinary. This California Gurl knows how to turn up the heat and melt our Popsicles. She is truly on her way to becoming a cherished style icon. A little bit of cute and a whole lot of spunk goes a long way.




Slaves to Fashion

Each year there is a new style, a new trend, a new fad that fashion society throws our way. Magazines promote them, claiming we will be incomplete without it being an addition to our massive wardrobes. Will we really be as incomplete as they say? Individuals should not be compelled to splurge on trends and fads just because a certain celebrity or magazine endorses it. Society has become a slave to how we look, dress and appear. So much so that clothing has become a distinguishing factor between social classes, the wealthy and the working class. We intently focus on labels and designer brands, shunning those who do not fit inside the exclusive circle. Individuals have become impulsive, selfish, and greedy as they feed their obsession with keeping up with the Jones. Why do we fret and obsess so much about what name is on the clothing label? Society fails to realize that we have become slaves to what label is displayed on our purses, the signature on our shoes and sunglasses. Individuals can still be stylish and look presentable without spending extravagant amounts of money to buy “top quality” brands. Just because it is expensive, does not mean it’s well crafted. In order to promote individuality, we need to cease living under a label. Labels are a type of bondage which many choose to live under. Judge people on their personality, not their designer duds.


Modest is Hottest

Society’s concept of classy has, no doubt, been modified over the years. These days, flashing 2/3 of your breasts is viewed as classy or in better terms “sexy”. Pop culture has deceived people, especially young girls, into thinking that dressing half nude is the norm. Pop culture images invoke a sense of empowerment, confidence, and “sexiness”. Why do we succumb to Hollywood’s portrayal of “sexy” which only encourages sexual objectification and degradation of women? When I think of classy, I envision Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Elizabeth Taylor to name a few. These women were fashionable, intelligent, and did not believe they had to flaunt their goodies. I believe women today can also be fashionable without feeling the need to flaunt every inch of their body. There are modest ways to accentuate your favorite feature without spilling over. If you wish to focus on your breasts, wear an empire top with a wide belt. Sporting a great pair of heels and skirt (Remember girls. If it rides above your fingertips it’s probably too short. This is a rule I use myself. High school has something to teach after all) is a great way to flaunt your legs as opposed to Daisy Duke booty shorts. Please spare us the sight of your butt crack. I hope more young women and adult women alike will realize that they don’t have to dumb themselves down to a mere sex tool to be considered beautiful and sexy. Intelligence and class speaks louder than your low-cut halter top. Classy women flaunt their features without exposing too much skin. Modest is hottest. Slutty is cruddy.

Why Can’t Short Girls Model?

All of us short girls who have had dreams of becoming a glorified runway model have heard the phrase “You CAN’T. You’re far too short” at least once in their life. Has anyone ever questioned why only women of stature are considered for the runway? Is this a form of bias? Are designers too lazy to customize their creations to actually fit the model’s body? Most importantly, How is the everyday woman to know what the clothes will look like on her specific body type? 95% of the world does not fit into the cookie cutter supermodel mold. Clothing creations and styles don’t only look fashionable on tall, skinny bean poles. Whatever happened to the Renaissance mentality that voluptuous women are the epitome of beauty? So what is the reason short girls can’t model? Perhaps we may never know as designers continue to state a sea of excuses as to why tall is the superior preference. Perhaps one day modern fashion standards will change. It is interesting to note that those who hold this biased view look nothing like the body image presented. Women are not a one package deal. Real women come in all shapes and sizes that need to be celebrated. The curves of women are beautiful while a mannequin dulls in comparison. Humans were not meant to look emaciated and frail. Viva la curves!