Drama Mama

It seems that mothers becoming “consumer doppelgänger” (Temple University) of their teenage counterparts is now becoming a common occurence. Many teenage daughters are outright protesting against their mothers shopping in “their stores” as this is somehow seen as a social taboo in the adolescent world. Many women thirty and above are given less than hospitable looks if they are seen wandering the junior’s section of the mall. Should women beyond thirty be subjected to wearing “grandma clothes”? Is it a crime to still want to remain fashionable at the age of 40? Society has taken on the position that once a women has kids she should look frumpy, old and disheveled. The needs of her children are of the utmost importance. She should have no time for herself. Wrong! Though children are important, it is important for mothers to take time off and pamper themselves now and then. There is nothing wrong with a woman’s desire to look good and show off her good physique without being slutty and immature. While many experts see this as a damper on the mother-daughter bond, creating a sense of competition, I believe it can also bring them together. I always enjoy mother-daughter shopping experiences as we have appointed each other as our unofficial wardrobe advisors. We constantly ask each other “How does this look?” “Do you think this would work on me?”. There is a big difference between dressing like a teenager and the desire to be stylish. I have been in the women’s department and I can honestly say there are not as many choices to pick from. Most women’s clothing is baggy, frumpy and shapeless not to mention unsuitable for my small frame. Some women, like my mother, are forced to shop in the juniors section because women’s sizes are merely too big for their body type. Older women should not have to feel they are committing a crime by dressing in a fashionable, yet sophisticated manner, even if it means they shop in the junior’s department. This, however, should not give women a licence to wear anything they want such as short skirts or body bearing hemlines. Some fashion should be deemed inappropriate beyond a certain age and saved for the younger generation (though I don’t support the younger generation wearing them either). Should women be able to dress like their teenage daughters? Yes and no. Women should not be limited to merely the women’s section of the mall. They should be able to freely roam the junior’s racks if they wish without being subjected to a critical eye. However, women should take into consideration their age and what would be deemed age appropriate for them to wear. Style is ageless. Fashion is timeless. Society need not put an age on the label tag. Women can look fabulous without dressing like a teenager.