Fashion Pangs

How far would you go to wear the latest trend even if you knew the potential risks it could have on your health? Would you risk it? Would it be worth it? Most fashion we see today is not designed in a practical way nor do designers have these concerns in the forefront of their mind. Fashion is a statement piece that we subject ourselves too despite the toll it may have on our physical body. They say pain is beauty but at what cost? I was first introduced to this subject when I was watching an episode of America’s Next Top Model. During one of the photo shoots, a model was forced to wear shoes that were too small for her feet and subjected to criticism when she didn’t keep an energetic vibe. After viewing this horrid display of unconcern in which models were treated like plastic mannequins my thoughts were “Hello! They’re too small for her feet! Can’t you get a bigger size? How do you expect a model to be happy and smiling when she has daggers on her feet?”. The fashion world sometimes can be very crude and impractical if you ask me. Fashion is designed and aimed at audiences that don’t exist beyond the runway. While it may be an artistic display of a designers achievements, most women would not wear half the creations in everyday life. Even items that are made for everyday use are not built for the everyday wear and comfort. Those high heels and heavy bags may look good now but eventually it will lead to a future filled with legs, back, shoulder, spine and neck problems. For those of us who love high heels, they may be the worst fashion piece of them all. Not only do they alter the natural shape of the foot but also your overall balance. High heels have been known to increase the forward curve of the spine while tipping the pelvis forward, therefore shifting the body’s center of gravity. Other fashion culprits are tight, body clinching outfits which restricts and changes bodily movement which the body must compensate for. Also, when carrying heavy bags that are more than 10% of your body weight, the body will become imbalanced, the legs and arms will be less coordinated, while the spine curves towards the shoulder bearing the most weight. For those of you who are college students, colleges are notorious for forcing their students to carry massive books to class not to mention extra materials such as notebooks and folders.

Note that I’m very notorious for putting my own health at risk for the sake of fashion but for the most part I try to be cautious of what I wear, otherwise I will later regret it. I never dress in high heels or anything fancy for college. Let’s face it. It’s college. Nobody really cares how you dress unless you’re going to a party.

Here are a few other tips to consider when choosing fashion options that won’t detriment your health. Choose wisely.

1. Purchase comfortable, long-lasting shoes. If and when wearing heels, be sure to take a pair of flats (Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats are amazing!) to change into when they start to become uncomfortable.

2. If a shoe if only semi confortable when walking around in the store, walking in them out on the streets will be even more painful.

3. Don’t wear clothes so tight that you can not breathe or move properly in them (talking to you Beyoncé with you super tight mermaid dresses. she had to be helped up the stairs because it was so tight.). I know it’s tempting to show off your body or create the illusion of a slim body to impress a guy but in the long run you’re doing more harm than good.

4. Select bags that will allow you to distribute the weight equally throughout your body, or frequently switch hands and sides.

5. Remove unnecessary items from your bag that may prove more of a burden and weigh you down.