Maybelline Baby Lips Vs. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

fresh-sugar-lip-treatment-spf-15 I was at the Sephora store the other days and have heard rave reviews about Fresh Sugar lip treatment balms. Unfortunately, I was not willing to pay $22 for lip balm. Fortunately I found two small deluxe sizes on Ebay for the price of one. The packaging itself draws you in and is definitely made for the modern day chic and fashionistas of society. Never has lip balm looked so appealing. It has a minty smell and glides on smoothly leaving your lips supple and soft. If there is one lip balm that could compare it would be Maybelline Baby Lips. For only $4, Baby lips also delivers smooth coverage which provides moisture to your lips and a sheer tint (depending on which one you buy). tumblr_m7h67wVTru1qdetvyI’m currently obsessed with the coral colored limited edition Baby Lips shade. The Baby Lips balms do not have a distinct smell as far as I can tell. Maybelline stands up to the higher brands and the packaging is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye despite its more plastic appearance. Baby lips will always remain my favorite but perhaps I’ll invest in a full size Sugar Lip Treatment one day.

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  1. I *LOVE* Fresh sugar lip balm! I never wanted to pay full price for it either, but last year Sephora’s birthday gift was a 2 piece Fresh balm set, so I’m still using the free balms:) In other good budget finds, have you ever tried Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Stick? It comes in a big white tube and looks like a giant glue stick. Hands down, it is the greatest and most moisturizing balm out there (and super cheap too!)

    • Yeah! I have the 2 piece birthday balm set as well! They are very nice. I do love them, just not the price. haha! No. I’ll have to look into those. Never knew they existed.


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