Digital Revolution

The digital age is ever progressing with the emergence of mp4 files, e-readers, and now digital magazines. I have been an avid reader of Nylon but was disappointed when I discovered it is not a magazine of choice on the Kindle. However, through the Zinio website, customers can ordered back issues, purchase digital magazine subscriptions while creating a library of reading material which not only saves the hassle of finding storage space but also saves unnecessary use of paper. Once a Zinio account is created, readers can select which magazine they wish to read by clicking on the read icon. Once the magazine has loaded readers are able to print, search the magazine, zoom in to read certain pages, view table of contents and use the right and left arrows buttons to turn pages. 

Zinio offers a convenient, economical way to purchase the magazines you want and storing them all in one place. Gone are the days where you must search all your magazine baskets to find that special issue. Lugging heavy magazines to your sleepover with the girls will no longer be an issue. They can all be found right in the palm of your hand or on your laptop. What is really impressive about Zinio is the ability to purchase back issues which are never available after their expiration date on the newsstand. Purchasing Individual copies of digital magazines as well as digital magazine subscriptions prove to be favorably cheaper with magazine issues starting at $3.99 and subscriptions only $9.95. This is also a great way to get your magazine fix and hide them from your mum who believes they fuel your shopaholic tendencies (which is not true). The one problem I found with Zinio is the zoom feature. Perhaps viewing a magazine is better in full screen view but it gets a little annoying having to move the magazine up and down to view the pictures and shopping descriptions under them. Seeing as I’m still new to Zinio I have much to learn and hope to become more familiar with it. Overall, a great investment.

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