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From the time we are a little girl most of us dream of becoming supermodels. Little do we know, the world of supermodels is less than glamorous for most. Is it our social upbringing that makes up emulate models? According to various polls, most models were not regarded as highly attractive from the general public (so I’m not crazy). There are many reasons not to engage in model worship. One, they are forced to starve themselves or engage in outrageous dieting that may result in getting fired even if they are only a fraction of a pound over the ideal weight. If you haven’t heard, anorexia can lead to hair loss, missing periods and other nasty side effects. Much like Jean Rhys’s “Mannequin” (if you haven’t read this short story you need to get yourself acquainted with it) models are pushed and prodded backstage as they are stuffed and fitted into sample size clothing pieces and pushed out on display for everyone to view and critique. There is little regard for the model themselves as they are used, abused and treated like an everyday mannequin that can be man-handled and treated with disrespect. Many supermodels, contrary to popular belief, were seen as tall, lanky freaks who were mercilessly teased and picked on during their adolescent years. Their only place of acceptance seemed to be in the world of other tall “freaks” who walked the fashion runway, displaying on their bodies works of art. Most of their time is spent in a chair having others pull at their hair while jabbing them with make up sticks and mascaras. Because of this practice some models begin to experience thinning hair and their skin suffers from the vast amounts of makeup that is painted onto their face. Why would you want to be subjected to looking like a clown? Most models wear such heavy, outrageous makeup it feels more like a circus show than a fashion show.

This reminds me of a girl I once knew in high school who was a professional model. She starved herself most of the time and claimed that she had dyed her hair so many times that it was starting to fall out. A few years later I had a dance instructor who worked for a hair company and pursuing to become a Rockette. She had to dye her hair so many times that it started becoming frazzled and damaged. There were many accounts of backstabbing and bitter criticism among the other models and Rockettes behind each others’ backs. If you’re looking for a self-esteem booster and assurance, this is not the career for you. After hearing their stories I couldn’t help but feel pity for them as well as disgust towards the lucrative business of fashion and beauty that only convey to women that they are flawed. “You need to change” they will say. “You need this operation” they will say. I say “Who died and made you ruler?”.

For those models we see in the magazines, more often than not their faces and bodies are heavily retouched with state of the art technology. Women were not meant to fit one standard mold. Women’s bodies were meant to be curvy, not straight and flat. Note that some women are born without curves which we hold nothing against them. According to Darwinian theory, males tended to pick those with bigger breasts and butts. Bigger breasts meant a mother was able to supply food to her young child while a big butt signaled that she had wide hips which are more suitable for childbirth. How we came to the idea that anorexic is beautiful may forever remain a mystery. Models like Gisele and Coco Rocha are very fortunate unlike many of their other counterparts in the industry.

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