New and Improved

Here is a new and improved article that I did for another fashion site pertaining to Lady G’s Monster headphones.

Here is the full article or you can view more at

If there is one thing I have learned over the years it’s that fashion extends beyond just clothes and accessories.

It has taken over the technological world as well. One could say apple has become a style icon for fashionistas around the world.

Ever since Lady Gaga stepped onto the Hollywood scene, she has constantly altered our perspectives on fashion and art.

One of the ways she has broadened our view is by inventing her very own trademark headphones which go by the name of “Heartbeats”.

These headphones consist of a triangle-shaped earpiece with little metallic triangle pieces displaying in the front.

Little hearts lovingly encircle the “L” and “R” indicating where the earbud is to be placed. No longer are earrings the ultimate ear accessory.

These earphones serve as fashion jewelry on their own. Aside from being a fashion statement, they produce a vibrant sound which resonates in your ears while blocking out the outside environment. Fashion has just defined gravity and taken over a new world all their own.

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